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Greater Yalta Sites
Livadia, Massandra, Alupka, Foros, Oreanda, Gurzuf, Nikita, Koreiz

The most popular Yalta sites
-Livadia Palace

-Swallow`s Nest
Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov

-St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral
-Massandra Palace of Alexander III
-Yusupov Palace in Koreiz, Yalta (Stalin's residence in 1945)
special permission with us only
-Anton Chekhov's House-Museum "White Dacha"
-Memorial Hill and Yalta Downtown View
-Armenian Church of Saint Ripsime
-Massandra Plant of Vintage Wines, Wine Tasting
-St. Michael the Archangel Church in Oreanda 
-The Romanovs in the Crimea open and closed objects
-Nikita Botanical Gardens, Wine & Fruit Tasting
-Foros Church of Christ's Resurrection on the Rock
-Uchan-Su Waterfall (seasonally) 
-Ai-Petri (Saint Peter) Mount
-Joseph Stalin's Dacha "Upper Sosnovka". The Object "Shatyor" (marquee), Leonid Brezhnev's Residence special permission with us only


Additional Yalta sites
-The Monument in Memory of Jewish Nazi Victims (1941)
-Anton Chekhov's Summer House in Gurzuf
-Anton Chekhov's Museum "Dacha Omjur"
-"Charax" Palace of the Great Prince Georgi Romanov
-"Dulber" Palace of the Great Prince Peter Romanov
-"Kichkine" Palace of the Great Prince Dmitry Romanov
-Grigory Rasputin and His Yalta Visits new
-Oreanda Church of Intercession of the Theotokos (Romanov's & A.Chekhov's site)
The Emir's of Bukhara Palace

-Cableway at the Ai-Petri (St. Peter) Mount. 1234 meters up for a 15 minutes
History is not a collection of pictures, facts or stories; History is a continuous process.
Yalta private tour guide Sergey Tsarapora


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Swallow`s Nest
Livadia Palace of Nicolas ІІ (Roosevelt`s residence in 1945)
Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov
The Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevskiy
Yusupov Palace (Stalin`s Residence 1945)
Massandra Palace of Alexander ІІІ (Stalin`s Dacha)
The Emir`s of Buhara Palace
Armenian Church of Saint Ripsime
Foros Church of the Ascencion on the rock
Kichkine Palace of the Great Prince Demetrius Romanov
Dulber Palace of the Great Prince Peter Romanov
Charax Palace of the Great Prince Georgi Michailovich Romanov
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