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-Alma Battlefield, Sept.20, 1854. Crimean War (1853 - 1856)

-Malakhov Barrow. Crimean War (1853-1856)

-Russian Fraternal Cemetery. Crimean War (1853-1856) 

-Donkey Farm: Riding, Lunch

-The 35th Naval Battery "Maxim Gorky-2" 


Roman rhetorician Marcus Fabius Quintilianus 
and Sevastopol private tour guide Sergey Tsarapora

Catherine the Great, Russian Empress in Crimea, 1787
Leo Tolstoy, Russian Writer, and Sevastopol






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Swallow`s Nest
Livadia Palace of Nicolas ІІ (Roosevelt`s residence in 1945)
Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov
The Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevskiy
Yusupov Palace (Stalin`s Residence 1945)
Massandra Palace of Alexander ІІІ (Stalin`s Dacha)
The Emir`s of Buhara Palace
Armenian Church of Saint Ripsime
Foros Church of the Ascencion on the rock
Kichkine Palace of the Great Prince Demetrius Romanov
Dulber Palace of the Great Prince Peter Romanov
Charax Palace of the Great Prince Georgi Michailovich Romanov
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