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Lviv Region Tours

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Lviv City
Galicia region of modern Western Ukraine was a part of Austrian- Hungarian empire and Poland. This Eastern European margin was very active in oil production on 19th - early 20th centuries. It was named "Galician California" for its very fast growth and progress.
Discover Boryslav and Shidnytsya - the oil capital of Europe in the end of 19th century. Boryslav is the only town in Ukraine, which is situated till nowadays on active oil deposit. Open for yourself world famous healthy medicinal water and taste it in SPA resort Shidnytsya.
We can start this tour from Lviv or another town. And will visit several old towns: Boryslav, Truskavets, Shidnytsya, Drohobych. Local food will empresses you - organic, natural, tasty and not expensive. Friendly and hospitable local people. Catchy and lyric music. And, sure, famous local mineral medicinal water, which we will test directly from natural springs in the forest.
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Swallow`s Nest
Livadia Palace of Nicolas ІІ (Roosevelt`s residence in 1945)
Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov
The Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevskiy
Yusupov Palace (Stalin`s Residence 1945)
Massandra Palace of Alexander ІІІ (Stalin`s Dacha)
The Emir`s of Buhara Palace
Armenian Church of Saint Ripsime
Foros Church of the Ascencion on the rock
Kichkine Palace of the Great Prince Demetrius Romanov
Dulber Palace of the Great Prince Peter Romanov
Charax Palace of the Great Prince Georgi Michailovich Romanov
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