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[ ] 20.07.2010, 15:48
    This not long and easy tour will open you the central part (down town) of Yalta. You will see most interesting places and different objects of our town. Yalta, like a summer capital of former Russia Empire, Soviet Union and modern Ukraine, includes many layers of history.


  Sure, you can walk along the Promenade independently, but Yalta - Sevastopol private tour guides of Sergey Tsarapora and professional guiding with interesting stories will complement well of your first view. And, by the way, we like to answer your any question about any object you will see and any period of history.  
   This 2 - 6 hours (or your desires long time) tour will introduce you:




-the Chapel of St. Nicholas (100 meters from the dock);
-Franklin Roosevelt Street  (300 meters);
-Lenin monument is standing same place from Soviet Union period.
     Yalta Promenade (Embankment):
-Central Post Office;
-Commemorative to Yalta Twin Cities;
-Commemorative to emigration of the Romanov Royal Family from Yalta (April 9, 1919), consructed April 2009;
-the Orthodox Chapel on the Promenade (2007-2009);
-nice monument to Anton Chekhov and heroine of his story "Lady with a Lap Dog", and, sure, to the same Lap Dog:

-the 200years old sykamore of ballerina Isadora Duncan - faforite woman of Sergey Yesenin;
-Hotel "Oreanda" (1907);
-monument to famous Russian and Soviet writer Maxim Gorky (Alex Peshkov);
-local artisits Showhall and Alley of Artists (selling paintings).


  Alexander Pushkin boulevard:

-Pharmacy named after Sergey Botkin (personal doctor of Romanov family);
-new monument (2010) to Alexander Pushkin - the great Russian poet;
  A. Chekhov Street:
-Yalta Theater (1883-1908), named after AntonChekhov. 
- St.Alexander Nevsky Cathedrale (1891-1902)
- Armenian Church of St.Ripsime (1909 - 1914) 

  All this objects we will accompany by interesting stories, facts, famouse names.
  The building of the former Villa Elena, which was one of the best and most fashionable hotels in  Yalta before Bol`sheviks (1917) is associated also with the revolutionary past. In January-April 1918, the Executive Committee of the Soviet of the Soldiers` and Peasants`, Deputies, the Revolutionary War Committee, the Bolshevist Party Committee and the Red Guard detachments had their headquarters here. Villa Elenawas built in the moderniste style from the design of the architect Lev Shapovalov in 1912. After WW2 it houses the Yalta Health Resort Out-Patient Clinic. Now Villa Elana was renovated like the luxury five star modern hotel.

  The building of the "Rossia" (Russia) Hotel - now "Taurida-Consol`" - located on Lenin Embankment, #13 has gone down in the history of Russian culture. Yalta private guide historian Sergey Tsarapora recommend you to visit this historical building - the first European class hotel of the second half of 19th century. Inside its walls the Russian poet Nikolas Nekrasov wrote a quarter of the famous poem "Who Can Be Happy in Russia" and the verse "Calm Down, My Excited Muse..." (1876), the writer Anton Chekhov wrote a short story "A Student" (1894), the Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky - the verse "To Comrade Nette - Steamer and Man" (1926) and the last rwo chapters of the poem "Fine" (1927).
  In the hotel`s big hall the outstanding Russian composers Modest Musorgsky (1879) and Nikolas Rimsky-Korsakov (1881) performed their compositions. This hall remembers the voice of the remarkable Russian singer Evgenia Mravina who lived the last years of her life in Yalta (1903-1914). Her step-sister, the future Soviet State and public figure, the first in the world woman ambassador Alexandra Kollontai, came to visit her here.
  In this hotel writer Ivan Bunin and the composer Sergey Rachmaninov met and developed a friendship. In different years here put up the actress Maria Yermolova, the painter Nikolai Yeroshenko, the poet Igor Severyanin, the actors of the Moscow Art Theatre headed by Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko who terformed from April, 16 to April, 23, 1900 at the town`s theatre (now Anton Chekhov Theatre) in the plays "The Lonely Ones" by Gerhart Hauptmann, "Hedda Gabler" by Henrik Ibsen, "The Sea Gull" and "Uncle Vania" by Anton Chekhov.

  Among Yalta`s points of interest the building of the "Marino" Hotel should also be noted. Here in 1928, on his return from abroad Maxim Gorky met for the first time S. Sergeev-Tsansky, one of the greatest Russian proser-writers. At this hotel Vladimir Mayakovsky put uo while being on his last visit to the Crimea (1929).

   Hisrotian Sergey Tsarapora and his Yalta - Sevastopol Private Guides have mentioned only the most celebrated names that are the pride of the Russian culture. the list could have been prolonged...  




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