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 Private Guides in the Crimea & Ukraine
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Private tours to the Crimea
We are professional associated private tour guides. Our aims are simple - to provide people who are interested in exploring this fascinating region with guide and interpreting facilities and a guidebook of the areas. Ukraine and Crimea Private Tour Guides of Sergey Tsarapora are always happy to respond to specific requests for information - just e-mail us or telephone.

"Excessive diligence in choosing words casts doubt on the sincerity of feelings"
Roman rhetoricianMarcus Fabius Quintilianus


Private guide Sergey Tsarapora (historian) 
I am a professional Historian (World History specialization) and hold a Masters Degree in International Relations/Political Science. I've worked as a school principal, a dean and a principal lecturer at Kiev International University’s branch,  a consultant-historian (information support) of State Administration Affairs, a consultant and a screenwriter of Yalta Film Studio in the Crimea. The history and study of local lore is both my job as well as my hobby.  've been published in mass media, wrote several screenplays for historical documentaries. I`m a memebr of reenactment clubs.  I’m fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, speak English and Polish.
I’ve worked with state and local government official delegations, realized an information support, have worked with   local and foreign journalists (National Geographic, Spiegel, Tokyo Shimbun)  and  representatives of foreign organizations, as well as private visitors. Now I`m a guide around Ukraine (Central, Western and South regions) and in the Crimea. I'll gladly offer my advice on any topic and will do my best to make your stay in Crimea a most enjoyable experience, taking into account your specific interests, time frame, goals and financial parameters.
I worked with tourists from the following countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Poland, Jamaica, Sweden, Norway, Andorra, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, Serbia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia, Croatia, Argentina.
 Private guide Valeriy (German, English)
Mein Name ist Walerij. Ich wurde in der Stadt Jalta, auf der Halbinsel Krim geboren.
Als ein krimischer Mann kann ich sehr viel ueber die Krim erzaehlen aber es gibt eine alte krimische Legende, die kurz aber sehr genau ueber die Krim erzaehlt. Sag-mal, ob du schon mal auf der Krim warst? Dort gibt es alles: es gibt das Meer, und die Steppe gibt es auch. Wenn du den Berg aufsteigst, dann verstehst du, dass der Mensch, der hier noch niemals war, sehr viel in seinem Leben verloren hat. Es ist so schoen dort. Hinter dem Berg leben das Meer und der Himmel zusammen, die beiden sind blau. Die krimischen Leute lieben ihr Land sehr. Wo der krimische Mensch nur sei, wuerde er unbedingt sagen; es gibt kein schoenes Land als die Krim. So ist unsere Krim. Lebe nur, sterben sollst du nicht... (eine alte krimische Legende). Und hier moechte ich noch ein Paar Woerte ueber mich schreiben. 1997-2000 habe ich in Deutschland gelebt und studiert.Ich habe in der Bundesschule fuer Heizungs und Sanitaertechniker in Karlsruhe studiert.

Private guide Alexandra (English, Turkce)
To pass on my knowledge and passion for the beauty of Ukraine and Crimea to visitors, ensuring they have the opportunity to experience the best our country has to offer in safety and comfort; and to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism with enthusiasm and in a way that connects with as many people as possible. Education: Master degree, Philological department, "Intel” 2008 – Guide training courses. Work Experience: 2006-2008–English teacher, present – in cooperation with Ukraine and Crimea Private Tour Guides of Sergey Tsarapora. Responsibilities: Leading tour groups, Giving talks about the culture, language and history of the Crimea and Ukraine, Developing and establishing relationships with travel agents, designing program itineraries Languages knowledge: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish. Interests: the History of the Crimea, camping (have been an avid camper since childhood), photography (I love to capture the beauty of Ukraine and other countries), other cultures and languages-I love to learn about other cultures and their languages as much as I love to share my passion for Ukraine with foreign guests.

Our driver Arsen
Arsen is a local boy, and he loves to drive in mountains, and his Soviet military ride-vehicle rover (the legendary UAZ) is the best for his job.
He is the best driver in the Crimean mountains! He can ride even almost vertically, as helicopter, any time of year, any weather and at any temperature - from -15C (5F) until +35C (95F)  :-) He works on mountain routes of Ukraine and Crimea Private Tour Guides of Sergey Tsarapora.


Private guide Olya (English, French) 
Hello, I`m Olga. I was born in Sevastopol, Crimea, and the more I live here, the more I fall in love with this amazingly beautiful, diverse, historical spot caressed by the warm Black Sea. Working as a guide I imagine myself to be the eyes of our guests who come to explore this little world of Crimea  for the first time and through my vision of it they make up their own positive impression. Sevastopol, Yalta, Balaklava and Bakhchisaray are my favorite destinations. Join me in this captivating  journey through the glorious battlefields of the Crimean War, via architecturally sophisticated palaces, along dramatic, breathtaking cliffs washed by the sea!

Private guide Elena (English)
I’m a professional guide (License of Ministry of Resorts and Tourism, Diploma in Hotel, Resorts and Tourism Management) and my whole pleasure is to introduce you Ukraine and Crime area with all its most famous and also hidden attractions. You can take a tour through the different periods of history. I will help you to discover archeological and architectural pearls all over Ukraine and Crimea, walking through the events which had happened and knowing nations which lived there. So, you will be in good mood to make the unforgettable photographs. If you are interesting in modern information about economical, political and social situation in area, connections with the other places I also give you an expert view on these questions (as PhD in Economy and Management). If English is not your Native language and you need to have ‘an understandable talking guide’ we will also make it for you (as Diploma Philologist in English language). We take into account your health condition and provide you the better way to know the area and to show you the best sides even if you are physically disabled (but your doctor has allowed you to make a trip). If you are ready to know more than traditional view on history we are ready to provide it to you and also to make your holiday comfortable safe unique and unforgettable. Have a nice day with Ukraine and Crimea Private Tour Guides of Sergey Tsarapora!


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Swallow`s Nest
Livadia Palace of Nicolas ІІ (Roosevelt`s residence in 1945)
Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov
The Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevskiy
Yusupov Palace (Stalin`s Residence 1945)
Massandra Palace of Alexander ІІІ (Stalin`s Dacha)
The Emir`s of Buhara Palace
Armenian Church of Saint Ripsime
Foros Church of the Ascencion on the rock
Kichkine Palace of the Great Prince Demetrius Romanov
Dulber Palace of the Great Prince Peter Romanov
Charax Palace of the Great Prince Georgi Michailovich Romanov
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