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                    with historian Sergey Tsarapora

 Private Guides in the Crimea & Ukraine
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We can meet you at any airport, railway/bus station, seaport in Ukraine and Crimea and escort you to your accommodation.
You can ask any below route, or your own customized route depends of your time frames and necessities.
We recommend to use a guide PLUS a driver for private tours. Although it is a little more expensive, but much more safier on Crimean mountain roads. Two people will do this job much better than a driver-guide. Our position based on a big experience in Ukraine and Crimea and several reasons:
- it is much safier, as a driver concentrates on 100% on the road and the traffic situation;
- a guide can pay attention only for your interest and will plan and carry the tour program better;
- the most popular sites often have very limited space for parking and narrow roads. You will save enough of time there, because a parking process will be not a problem of a guide, who will work with you. But a driver will do all the best and optimal on that time. 
Simferopol (Airport/Train Station) - Yalta - Sevastopol - Bakhchisaray
Route Map
The map of destinations of the Crimea from private guide Sergey Tsarapora

1. Simferopol - Sevastopol __Red Route ~ 90 km

2. Simferopol - Bakhchisaray - Sevastopol __Red ~ 100 km

3. Simferopol - Sevastopol - Yalta __Red __Yellow ~ 200 km

4. Simferopol - Sevastopol - Yalta - Simferopol __Red __Yellow __Blue ~ 300 km

5. Simferopol - Bakhchisaray - Yalta __Red __Green ~ 145 km

6. Simferopol - Bakhchisaray - Balaclava - Yalta __Red __Violet __Yellow 185 km

7. Simferopol - Yalta __Blue ~ 100 km

8. Simferopol - Yalta - Sevastopol __Blue __Yellow ~ 200 km

9. Simferopol - Yalta - Sevastopol - Simferopol __Blue __Yellow __Red ~ 300 km

10. Simferopol - Yalta - Bakhchisaray - Simferopol __Blue __Green __Red 245 km

11. Simferopol - Yalta - Balaclava - Bakhchisaray - Simferopol __Blue __Yellow __Violet __Red ~ 285 km
The Crimean Peninsula 
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Sevastopol, Balaklava, Inkerman


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Swallow`s Nest
Livadia Palace of Nicolas ІІ (Roosevelt`s residence in 1945)
Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov
The Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevskiy
Yusupov Palace (Stalin`s Residence 1945)
Massandra Palace of Alexander ІІІ (Stalin`s Dacha)
The Emir`s of Buhara Palace
Armenian Church of Saint Ripsime
Foros Church of the Ascencion on the rock
Kichkine Palace of the Great Prince Demetrius Romanov
Dulber Palace of the Great Prince Peter Romanov
Charax Palace of the Great Prince Georgi Michailovich Romanov
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