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An unique Oriental color, a slight hint of citron, add to the delicate and exquisite taste of the noble wines of Crimea. Here you can find the legendary White Muscat named «Red Stone", the king of Muscat wines, a masterpiece of classical winemaking. This chateau produced white wine is aged In the cool, mysterious galleries of Massandra, constructed in 1894-1897. In the seven underground tunnels of Massandra the temperature is always 14C to 15C degrees, perfect for maturing dessert wines. «Massandra"... How many memories of varied sensations and fragrances arise in the soul with the mention of this name! In the Massandra wine collection about a million bottles are catalogued. Seven of them contain "Sherry de la Fronter 1775", the oldest wine in the collection. The wine coflection was first started by Leo Golitsyn, chief winemaker of the the Independent State of Crimea and Caucasia and the owner of the famous wine making estate "The New World" in the Easter Crimea. He was called "the Primce of Experts" at the World wine exhibition held in Paris, in 1904. The wine samples in Prince Golitsyn's personal collection have been preserved for posterity. Among them are «The Seventh Heaven" 1880, «Golitsyn's Honey" 1896, "Falcon's Mountain"1900 and the famous sherry I "Selected" 1840. Through the years. Massandra has produced twenty-eight chateau wines that have been awarded two Grand Prix cups and one hundred-forty-eight gold and silver medals, in International contests. Since 1990 Massandra wines have been listed in Sotby auctions. They are sold in ninety-four markets in Switzerland and Germany. The presentation of collection wines at wine tastings in Washington, USA, and Lit la-Rone Japan was very successful. Dessert wines like «Lacrima Cristi" («Christ's Tears») are particularly popular with ladies. Wine tasting in the halls of Massandra will undoubtedly leave you with the most pleasant memories from the south coast of Crimea.

Following the guided you will take a short drive to Massandra plant and winery tasting hall to savor a number of Massandra wines, famous for their fine flavor and unforgettable palate. Massandra wines are internationally recognized and were awarded two Grand Prix Cups, 148 gold and silver medals. After the wine tasting, you will have the opportunity to purchase the wines you liked most at a nearby store. Next the route will take you to the Swallow's Nest that looks like a medieval castle with bastions and battlements, perching courageously at the very edge of the 40-meters high Aurora cliff of Cape Ai-Todor. It is definitely one of the most striking sights attracting numerous visitors. Built to the design of architect Sherwood in 1912 it has become a true symbol of the Crimea.

This relaxing tour allows you to absorb the atmosphere and charms of Yalta's surroundings and to sample the regional red and white wines. Heading eastward, your coach will take through the labyrinth of roads of this celebrated resort town to the picturesque settlement of Massandra, the home of the famous Crimean wines.

Massandra winery is among the few well-known producers of fine wine in the world. Count Golitsyn founded the famous wine cellars in the 19th century and their long tunnels penetrate granite rocks, going deep into the mountains. A wine expert will take you down to the cellars where in coolness, deep under the ground wine is aging in numerous oak casks and vats. Being the oldest winery in the Ukraine, Massandra wines are internationally recognized and have won numerous honorable awards. Subtropical arid climate, detritus loam and a compound mountainous relief present unique conditions that give special flavor to well-known European wine varieties and a birth to the unique, high quality strong and dessert wines of Massandra.

Following a visit to the cellars you will proceed to the Wine Tasting hall to savor a number of Massandra wines, famous for their fine flavor and unforgettable palate. After admiring the color, aroma and appreciating the delicious bouquets and piquant tinges of these wines, at a nearby store you may wish to buy the wines you liked most as a memento of your visit.

Note: Guests must be able to walk approximately 0.5 mile over various surfaces with numerous steps. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Due to the nature of this tour, it is not recommended for guests with walkers or wheelchairs.
Yalta -  Sevastopol private tour guide
Sergey Tsarapora 

Variants of excursions and tastings in Massandra

Regular option

Your group with our guide-translator will be added a regular Russian-speaking group, according the schedule of the Massandra Winery.

Wine testing of 9 wines (45 minutes):
-in a special hall;
-Massandra winery sommelier-specialist text
(11.50, 13.50, 15.50, 17.50, 19.50)

a) Sightseeing excursion (40 minutes):
-excursion and visit of winery Museum;
-wine celler for collection wines of main winery Massndra
(11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00, 19.00)

b) Complete excursion (50 minutes):
-excursion and visit of winery Museum;
-wine celler for collection wines of main winery Massndra;
-excursion and visit of the special Museum Gallery
of  exclusive Collection of oldest wines.
(11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00, 19.00)

VIP option
your group will have an individual excursion and/or tasting, only for you.
Also you can oder an individual visiting time.
The wine testing will include 8 wines + a 1(2) bottles of the collection wine (a whole bottle for the complete group).
  a) VIP excursion and tasting:
  120 minutes (individually only for your group).
  b) Exclusive VIP excursion and tasting:
  150 minutes (see variant a) + 2 bottles of the collection wine for the group).

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