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23. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (20.03.2018 14:20)
Sergey was a great guide for my trip to two Jewish shtetls south of Uman, Ukraine. He is friendly and personable. His English is excellent...
We were able to discover important sites as a result of his talking to people. I would highly recommend Sergey.
Alan Shefman.
Country: Canada | State: Ontario

22. TONY RIVERA   (18.11.2012 06:32)
Country: USA | City: NEW ORLEANS | State: LOUISIANA

21. Joni & Bob, OPERA cruise ship, October 2012   (04.11.2012 20:37) E-mail
Joni and I wanted to thank you for showing us the beauty of Yalta. We know that we had much to little time and that we barely scratched the surface. But, what we did see gave us a good feeling for what we might see when we return. It is very obvious that hours in such a beautiful place isn't enough for anything.
We thoroughly enjoyed your narrative and learning about the Yalta Conference; the politics of Ukraine; and the huge possibilities that exist there. If only the people would make their wishes known. You should be very proud of yourself. You are a very knowledgeable and helpful guide.
Country: USA | City: Titusville | State: Florida

20. Marek   (04.11.2012 20:15) E-mail
Yalta Day Tour with private guide Sergey Tsarapora.

Drogi Sergey,
wróciliśmy szczęśliwie do Jeleniej Góry pełni wspomnień o dniach spędzonych na pięknym Krymie:) Jestem bardzo zadowolony, że dzięki Tobie mogłem tak dużo zobaczyć i dowiedzieć się o historii, kulturze i przyrodzie Krymu.
Jak będę ponownie wybierał się na Krym, to odezwę się i omówimy się na spotkanieu:)
Country: Poland | City: Jelenieja Góra

19. Phyllis Brady, Viking River cruise, Yalta May 30 - 31, 2012   (03.06.2012 11:12) E-mail
Hi Sergey Tsarapora,
I want you to know how much we enjoyed our afternoon with you.   Each one in our 11 people group has thanked me for the wonderful afternoon, but the thanks should go to you.  You did a great job of showing us sites and providing information.  This afternoon will be a highlight of our Ukraine trip for all of us with our private guide Sergey.

Thanks so much!
Country: USA

18. Allan Shikhvarg (Viking Lomonosov cruise, May 2010)   (28.05.2010 19:59) E-mail
That said I was only too happy that I hired a private guide for all 4 days in Crimea. He was a great guy, had his own A\Cd little car (which did come handy in some places that the bus would not even DREAM to go through), very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and … just everything you want to ask for in a guide!
To make a long story short – we hit EVERY place that Viking advertized as “optional” tours (even when one had to choose between “tour 1” or “tour 2”) and THEN SOME! He got us into places that are closed to tourist crowds and pretty much I got everything I wished for. again it was well worth it for me because of what we saw & did vs what the rest of the crowd did (or, obviously – didn’t). If you are interested – contact him at sergo22yalta at gmail.com (again his name is Sergey). You most certainly can tell him that I recommended J

Allan S. Shikhvarg
Software Developer
Country: USA

17. Guenter Graefenhain   (27.02.2010 13:54) E-mail
My pictures from the Ukraine turned out quite well and I still remember the beautiful
and great tours together with you. You can see my photographs when you put into Google ; HUBER IMAGES and look for Ukraine
and my name.

16. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (04.01.2010 14:08)
Frances Kakazu to Sergey <sergo22yalta@gmail.com>
22 Oct 2009, 16:20

Hello Sergie,
Also, I plan to write to the International Travel Magazine about you.
I am very glad that I subscribe to this magazine. If it wasn't for this magazine, I would not have known about you. At first, when I read about you, I thought that it would be an elderly professor and sort of chubby but you were completely different from my first imagination!!!!!
On our roll call for cruise critic, a couple of the members after we returned, wrote on the forum thanking me for planning the excursion. It was because of your patience with me and knowledge that it was a success.
Thanks for the wonderful memories.

15. Сергей [sergoyalta]   (04.01.2010 02:58)
Yalta & Odessa on a cruise
Nov 03, 2009, 7:10 PM

I am probably too late with this reply, if so sorry but I am just recently back from a cruise which took us to Yalta also. I just wanted to say we did a tour with Sergey and he is excellent and well worth the money.
I hope you have a wonderful cruise as we did.
Cheers, Misty

14. Sergey [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 02:07)
Familie Berlitz
2 Jan 2010 15:33

Hello Sergo,
first of all we wish you a happy New Year!
We remember the very interesting visiting tour on tuesday, 20 th of october 2009, with you in Yalta. We have been very impressed of the palaces you showed us and the beautiful location of the city of Yalta.
The next time you make a trip to Germany and may be even to Upper Bavaria we would be pleased to see you. At this occasion you can also taste the famous bavarian beer.
Yours sincerely
Wolfgang and Ulrike Berlitz

13. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 01:29)
Roberta Lynn Hay to sergo sergo <sergo22yalta@gmail.com>
15 Sep 2009 1:40
greetings from Tucson AZ

Hi Sergey,
Want to tell you once more how much I enjoyed the two days with you, I'm so grateful that I pulled your name and email off the internet, I couldn't have had a better guide!!!
I'm very anxious to return to Yalta next year, perhaps in the autumn. Would there be any chance of staying at Harax for a few days while I'm there?
Thanks again, will keep in touch and hope that anytime you find out interesting information about the history of any of the palaces you'll pass it on to me. And maybe we'll be able to see Tchair next year!!
best, lynn

12. Sergey [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 01:23)
Subject: Tours
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 13:44:43 +1100

We used sergo22yalta@gmail.com and Sergey was really great. He is a historian and an absolute wealth of knowledge. As a historian he also has a licence to enter Duke Yusupov Palace, the tours groups are not allowed there. He took us a different way from the tours so we were not fighting big crowds all the time. He has a web site, http://sergoyalta.at.ua which is worth a look at. If you ask him for a quote please tell him Judy from Oz recommended him, he will probably give you a better rate.
Anything else I can help you with please feel free to contact me on this email address.
Have a great cruise, Judy

11. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 01:21)
Frances Kakazu to Sergey <sergo22yalta@gmail.com>
14 Oct 2009 7:08
thanks for the memories

Dear Sergie,
Thank you for the wonderful tour you gave us. It was nice meeting you after all these months. I am so glad that I was able to find your name in the International Travel Magazine.
I hope that you liked our group.
Yalta will always have a place in my heart.
How can I forget the tour you gave. It was very educational and to know where Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt met and so many other points of history we have learned from you. It made history come true.
Take care.

10. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 01:15)
Roberta Lynn Hay to Sergey <sergo22yalta@gmail.com>
2 Sep 2009 20:13
private tour of Yalta

That was a great outing today.... thanks!!!
Here's a laugh for you:

9. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 01:07)
Wasily Sakalo to sergo22yalta@gmail.com
12 Mar 2009 7:16
Hallo from Australia

Hallo Sergy,
Without your help, our trip to Yalta would not have been so good.
It sounds to us as if you need a new bottle of medicine, (the type that is disilled). You should try and visit Australia some day.
We hope that you can read this email better than the letter smile
Wasily and Oksana

8. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 01:03)
Katrin Herot to sergo22yalta@gmail.com
26 Oct 2009 13:44 "Grüsse aus Zürich"

Hello Sergej,
The travellers from Switzerland are back home an happy with their very interesting journey through Ukraine and Russia.
You know the feeling when you spend your time in a different world while your mind gets in a slightly different state of consciousness… like: “where am I or what are we doing now?” . That’s how we felt at the end… somehow empty and at the same time filled with new ideas.
Thank you for the very informative and professional guided tour.
Kind regards
Piero, Marco und Katrin
PS: some photos for your site

7. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 00:57)
Roy Parsons to sergo22yalta@gmail.com
18 Oct 2009 15:45
Tour on 5 October 2009

Dear Sergiy,
I write to thank you for the tour of Yalta which you conducted for Mr Brian Reed and myself on 5 October. I understand that Brian is emailing you himself.
Brian and I have sailed on a number of cruises together and I know that he enjoyed the tours of Yalta and Odessa more than any of the tours we have made. He was pleased in particular with our visit to the Livadia Palace, and for me the visit to the three churches was memorable. Your help in getting him in and out of your taxi and the Armenian Church was invaluable.
I shall remember the name of your great poet Taras Shevchenko as well as Andriy Shevchenko! I shall also remember another name from Yalta.
Best wishes,

6. Сергей [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 00:48)
Brian Reed <barfingers@dsl.pipex.com>
to sergo22yalta@gmail.com
15 Oct 2009 16:23
Recent excursion to Yalta

Dear Sergiy,
Please accept my hearty “thank you” for your recent services in Yalta. The trip to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the visit to the White Palace where the Yalta conference took place, the viewing platform for the Swallow’s Nest, and the bonus of the Armenian Church were all a great experience. I have already e-mailed P and O to say what a great service you provide. My being a wheelchair-user was not a problem
Yours sincerely,
Brian Reed

5. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 00:46)
Edmond Eng to Sergey <sergo22yalta@gmail.com>
12 Oct 2009 7:46
Yalta tour

Dear Sergey,
We're back from our trip & it's a pleasure meeting you even though it's
brief. Thank you very much for your courteous
service and arrangement of the tours to the palaces. For a few hours we did
see a lot of Yalta & had a wonderful time
there. It's so nice to have Alexandria explaining everything to us & Nicoli
is such a super driver maneuvering those
narrow streets & steep hills.Thanks for a fabulous time in your country.
If you ever come to America, look us up.
Best regards,

4. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 00:36)
Dr. Morven E.L. Johnson to <sergo22yalta@gmail.com>
7 Oct 2009, 22:29
Hi from Germany

Hi Sergey,
We are home safely, and we wanted to tell you we enjoyed our day in Yalta. I have recommended you on the board and to some people from the Isle of Man (UK).
Please take good care of our Australian friend Judy and her group on Friday. Judy is a special lady, (like your Mother, maybe) and I´m sure you´ll enjoy her group. Tell her we are home safely, have e-mailed her husband in Australia with pictures and that we wish Bern and her and their group a great day with you in Yalta!
I´ll recommend you to anyone visiting Yalta.
All good wishes,

3. Sergo [sergoyalta]   (03.01.2010 00:07)
"Charles Stirling" 28 Dec 2007 15:35:19
Тема: greetings from England

Dear Sergiy
Please accept sincere greetings from Diana and Charles in England. We really did enjoy our holiday in the Ukraine two years ago. You helped to make our holiday in your country such a success. We would like to think that maybe one day our paths will cross again. In the meantime we wish you and your colleague very best wishes for a promising 2008.
Warmest regards. Take care.
Charles and Diana

2. Сергей [sergoyalta]   (02.01.2010 23:51)
"Marko Tomashek"<tomasheky@gmx.de>
Дата: 20 Окт 2008 10:32:21

СІХ! Пане Сергію,
хоч і спізнено, але зате чим щиріше вітаю Вас і щиро дякую за цей день, що Ви подарували нам (Владиці Василевіб пані Галиніб мојй дружині Ліді і мені), будучи нашим провідником по Ялті і околицях. Приємно було бути серед својх і дякуємо, що Ви поділилися својм детальним історичним знанням із нами. А "жвава" дискусіј при обіді в ресторані залишиться в пам"яті нашій не менш красивого кримського краєвиду.
Якщо Ви коли-небудь будете в околиці Франкфурту нам Майнем прошу зголоситися до нас - для продовження дисукіј...

1. Karl Steinbach   (08.02.2009 10:38)
Es war sehr nett diese Webseite zu besuchen.Ich habe hier viel interessantes gefunden.Die Webseite ist eine grosse Hilfe fuer mich, weil ich in Sommer nach der Krim kommen will.
Danke schoen und alles gute.
Herzliche Gruesse aus Stuttgart.
Karl Steinbach


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