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The Bronze Age in Ukraine lasted nearly one thousand years, beginning about 1800 B.C and ending approximately 800 B.C. Several cultures existed on Ukrainian territory during this period. Trypillian culture dominated right-bank Ukraine, although it was becoming affected by foreign influences. The North Caucasian and Colchis cultures have been identifiedin the Kuban and western Transcaucasus regions. The "pit", "catacomb" and "timber-frame"cultures have been discovered in the steppe and forest steppe areas east of the Dnipro River.
The "burial field" culture, an indigenous agrarian group inhabiting the Kyiv region and forest-steppe area of Ukraine, derived its name from their habit of burying their dead in level graves, without the characteristic mounds indicating a gravesite. This culture appeared about 1,500 B.C. and lasted into the Middle Ages.
This period is characterized by migrations of the pastoralists westward across the steppes in search of open pastureland. The Cimmerians, the first nomadic horsemen, appeared on Ukrainian territory about 1,500 B.C. They are the first inhabitants of Ukraine recorded inwritten history. The Greek writer, Homer, in "The Odyssey," refers to the north shore of theBlack Sea as "the land of the Cimmerians" and Assyrian written sources call the Kerch Strait— "the Cimmerian Bosphorus." In the 7th Century B.C., the Scythian onslaught forced theCimmerians to retreat south to Crimea, where they settled and adopted the name "Tavrians."The Scythians settled in the steppes north of the Black Sea and established the first political stateon Ukrainian territory.
At the beginning of the Iron Age on Ukrainian territory — approximately in the 5th Century B.C. — the forest steppe region was inhabited by the agrarian people of the "burial field" culture. More than 500 villages of this culture have been discovered, predominantly in the Kyiv region and on the Dnister River in the area of Luka Vrublivetska. This "burial field"culture existed well into the Middle Ages.

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